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Dhaka Mountain Film Festival-2020 (DMFF 2020) will showcase 8 exclusive internationally released outdoor films in a day long event based on extreme mountain sports to promote active lifestyle, dedication, passion as well as to notice environmental, cultural & social issues from all over the world.

DATE: 10th January

Ruhul Quddus Auditorium, Nilkhet,Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Morning Show Line Up
(10:00 am- 12:30 pm)

Film 01: 121
Film 02: Hors piste
Film 03: Safe Haven
Film 04: This Mountain Life

Evening Show Line Up
(4:30 pm – 7:30 pm)

Film 01: Return to Earth
Film 02: The high road
Film 03: The Nose Speed Record
Film 04: United Sates Joe’s

Both Online & Offline

Offline TICKET
Morning (4 Films) : 100 BDT
Evening (4 Films) : 100 BDT

*One can purchase maximum 2 tickets of each show.

Where to Collect:
● Banasree: Cycle Surgery BD; Working Hour: 11:00 am-9:00 pm; Contact: 01612582444
● Dhanmondi: Sangriaa; Working Hour: 11:00am-8:00pm; Contact: 01712799696
● Uttara: MeTime; Working Hour: 10.30 am-11:00 pm, Contact: 01841560760
● Mirpur: Bean & Leaf; Working Hour: 11:00 am-10:00 pm, Contact: 01675485465
● Panthapath: Peak69, Working Hour: 11:00 am-9:00 pm, Contact: 01834777718
● Farmgate: Tripmate; Contact: 01671-158759

Morning (4 Films): 130 BDT
Evening (4 Films): 130 BDT

Where to Buy:
For Morning Show: Click Here
For Evening Show: Click Here

* One can purchase maximum 1 tickets of each show on online & You have Collect hard copy of the ticket at venue before show time by showing Purchasing Invoice (check your e-mail that you used during purchase). The invoice may look like this:



Shot in cinematic detail, This Mountain Life is a riveting examination of human passion set high in the peaks of British Columbia. An award-winning documentary directed by Grant Baldwin, produced by Jenny Rustemeyer.

121 21m 40s

It’s often easy to overthink a ski movie and at times the reasoning behind it. The plan was simple. Focus on skiing, go where we want and do what we want. Jumps, lines and deep powder. This is an old school flick, plain and simple. It’s about friendship and freeskiing, one to one with some of the best powder hounds around…

Directed by: David Peacock & Andre Nutini
Principle cinematography by: David Peacock, Andre Nutini & Christoph Thoresen
Produced by: Legs Of Steel

Skiing in: Arlberg, Austria – Kiroro, Japan – Shimamaki Snowcats, Japan – Davos, Switzerland


Founded on the belief that everyone is welcome, Memphis Rox opened a climbing gym to be at the center of the city’s revitalization. Watch and if you are interested to learn more about Memphis Rox.

Hors Piste 6 min 1s

The two best rescue workers in the region take off for their umpteenth mission. Professionalism and efficiency all around, but things don’t really go as planned…

Directors : Léo BRUNEL, Loris CAVALIER, Camille JALABERT, Oscar MALET
Production year : 2018
Nationality : French

Return to Earth 47 min

Time is either spent wisely. Or it is just spent. Second after second; moment after moment… they’re all there for the taking. Return to Earth is a cinematic journey into the simple act of living completely in those moments by riding bikes.

Every year, the REEL ROCK Film Tour brings premieres of the best new climbing films to communities around the world, with 500 locations in 40 countries – and counting… REEL ROCK events feature athlete and filmmaker appearances, prize giveaways, sponsor activation and fundraising for non-profit organizations.

REEL ROCK 14 Tour is coming to Dhaka.

Dhaka Mountain Film Festival 2020 (DMFF-2020) will features 3 exciting film of REEL ROCK 14.

The High Road 20 min

While the world’s best boulderers push standards close to the ground, Nina Williams’ sights are set higher. She is among the only women who climb elite-level problems that are 30, 40, even 50 feet tall — with no rope. In this profile of an emerging star athlete, Nina Williams flexes her guns and tests her nerves well into the no-fall zone.

NINA WILLIAMS. Photos by Simon Moore

The Nose Speed Record 55 min

For decades, an elite handful of climbers have competed for the coveted speed record on the 3,000-foot Nose of El Capitan, risking big falls to shave mere seconds off the fastest time. When a record held by superstar Alex Honnold is broken by little-known climbers Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds, Honnold drafts fellow climbing legend Tommy Caldwell to establish a new mark that will stand the test of time. Honnold pushes for perfection while Caldwell, a family man, wrestles with the risk amid a series of accidents on the wall that lay bare the consequences of any mistake.

Alex Honnold climbing The Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, CA going for the new speed climbing record. Photos by Corey Rich

United States of Joe’s 20 min

In rural Utah, a valley of world-class bouldering is nestled among a conservative community of Mormons, cowboys and coal miners. When a ragged band of punk rock climbers shows up, the two cultures inevitably clash. After years of antagonism, a group of climbers work with locals to build a more harmonious future. But in this divided era, is that even possible?

Photos by Spenser Tang-Smith

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